The Living Balance Edge

Living Balance coaching is unique. Be prepared.

Living Balance is holistic personal and relational coaching for people seeking their edge.

  • Tap your inner strength for authentic personal expression
  • Live with inspiration
  • Manifest a passionate connection with your partner
  • Uncover and express your unique voice
  • Discover your exceptional path

We will create your Living Balance through these realms of exploration:

  • Finding a peaceful, yet dynamic balance in your daily life
  • Connecting with your passion
  • Planning and motivating for physical transformation (athletic, birth-related)
  • Facing self-limiting behavior
  • Exploring the effects of cultural influences on yourself and your relationship

The path to discovery is bold! The optimal way to discover and ignite action based on your inspiration and passion is to push your edge. We all get to that edge and challenge ourselves in different, personal ways. As part of our coaching relationship, I will encourage you to find your daring and dynamic self. We will engage in exercises and visualizations that will deeply challenge you. True, dynamic personal evolution is born out of being challenged, of finding your comfort zone and moving beyond.

I believe in the unique path and expression of each individual. I believe that all human beings have amazing strengths and gifts to share. Yet these may be lost as cultural and emotional barriers affect our authentic expression. I believe we all deserve to discover and manifest our personal Living Balance.

As your coach, I am simply the mirror that reflects your potential, the filter that catches your truth, the pedestal that elevates your fulfillment, the door that opens to your bravery, and the edge that connects to your next exceptional adventure.

In reading this, has it clicked? Feel like you’ve finally found what you are looking for in a coach, coaching approach and philosophy? Get in touch…give a call…drop a line. Let’s get started!