Our Coaching Together

In our coaching relationship, you can expect I will:

  • Listen and guide without judgment
  • Provide guidance and tools for you to create your own intentional plan
  • Assist in your exploration of your own self-limiting thoughts and behaviors
  • Challenge you to expand your reality beyond your current comfort zone
  • Encourage you to focus on the fun, joy and passion in your life
  • Be accepting and open-minded

The most important thing to remember is that your coaching is all about YOU! Personal evolution sometimes flows freely and easily and sometimes it needs a jumpstart. If you find that you are having a challenging time focusing energy on yourself due to life transitions of any kind, starting a relationship with a coach may be the answer for you.

Our coaching can happen in person, on the phone or via Skype. I’ve been thrilled to witness clients create amazing change regardless of the medium they choose. If you are within driving distance to Portland, Maine, the trip to my office at 306 Congress Street may provide you a regular sanctuary for focusing on yourself or your relationship.

Exploring your evolution through coaching isn’t always easy, but the feeling of lacking life balance day-to-day saps your energy. Focusing on yourself through coaching feeds your soul. You deserve to live with passion. Be prepared to hear the question: “What do you want?” It is all about you, your vision and your journey.