Holistic Relational and Sexuality Coaching

Many people seeking to enhance their relationships, cultivate intimacy and develop a healthy sexual self find my coaching a useful process producing desired results. While providing emotional support and structure for change, we focus energy on gaining momentum toward your vision and fulfillment.

Through my work as a sexuality educator and relational coach, you can expect I will:

  • Teach methods for creating a healthy, authentic erotic self
  • Expose the negative cultural constructs and influences
  • Normalize sexuality as an integral facet of the whole person
  • Encourage the integration of sexuality into a healthy, whole life
  • Honor individual experiences and relationships of every type
  • Model, promote and teach honest, accurate communication regarding relationships and sexuality

I am a Kink Aware Professional listed with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. You can also find my profile in the Good Vibrations Magazine The Buzz, as well as on Tristan Taormino’s Open List.

Wondering if the issues you would like to address are appropriate for relational or sexuality coaching? Some issues past clients have found our work together useful regarding include:

  • Desire discrepancy between partners
  • Sexuality and gender questioning
  • Dating authentically
  • Education and skill-building regarding alternative partnerships and practices
  • Becoming orgasmic
  • Integrating erotic energy into the day-to-day
  • Creating a more passionate relationship
  • Moving beyond infidelity
  • Developing a healthy sexual self
Curious about whether I am the right helping professional for you? A personal connection is truly the best way to assess if we are a match. Every conversation, including your initial consultation is private and confidential. I’m honored by every client’s trust, especially the trust that inspires that first phone call or email connection.