The Choice To Be Whole

Posted on Oct 6, 2013

Take a moment while you are reading this and experience your body. Breathe deeply. Focus your mental energy on each of your body’s parts: face, shoulders, hips, legs, feet, arms, hands…

Now choose a body part. How about your right arm? Let’s go with it. Now imagine you’re your right arm just didn’t exist in your mind. Physically, it is still there, you just simply ignore it. You don’t acknowledge it. You don’t care for it. You certainly don’t use it. It simply lies dormant and neglected.

It does actually exist and function. You could choose to embrace it, but you don’t. You move about the world only using your left arm. And there hangs the other, by your own choice, unused and neglected. Untapped potential that could make your life easier, more fun and could make you more effective in almost everything you do in every moment. Still you choose to neglect it.

You could embrace the whole you, but something is holding you back. Perhaps it’s a cultural message that your right arm should only be used behind closed doors with the shades drawn. Perhaps everyone is your family never used their right arms, so that is what you were taught. That was your normal, your healthy. Perhaps when you went to church, the message you always heard was that anytime you use your right arm you are offending your higher power.

So it only makes sense that you accept the fact that using your right arm is just not okay, even though when no one is looking, you actually do tasks with both arms. And it feels so good, and right and balanced. Using your right arm makes you feel whole and complete and powerful. You know why? Because it is good and right and balanced…and embracing that part of you along with all of the rest of your amazingness does in fact make you whole and complete and powerful.

The mind blowing part of all of this is that despite all the pressure to the contrary, you can ALWAYS CHOOSE anytime you want to throw off all of those other influences and believe in the power of your holistic self, embracing of every facet of your being. That feeling of wholeness and power is available to you whenever you choose.

Is it a challenge to make a different choice than your family, your community and your culture? Yes, absolutely. Sometimes it is exhausting to constantly have to swim against the current. But I have something to offer you. You are not alone.

There are others in the world who have embraced their wholeness and power and believe that every facet of our being deserves to be honored and integrated. You have the power to surround yourself with the support of sex positive community. Those who are sex positive believe neglecting your erotic self is as absurd and random as neglecting your right arm.

You deserve to exist as the amazing, powerful whole person that you are, including integrating your erotic self into your existence every moment. If you don’t, you are not embracing your truest self and your greatest potential.

If, as you read this you are experiencing resistance or discomfort…excellent. Embrace that. Examine that resistance. Swim in that discomfort. Gather the wisdom in it. You know in your core that randomly choosing a facet of yourself to neglect makes no sense. In fact, it creates dissonance and saps your energy.

You can look that resistance, discomfort or fear in the eye and realize by allowing your erotic self to remain splintered from the rest, you are not whole. By going to that edge and taking on your fear, you can embrace your wholeness, reach your potential and live your richest, juiciest, most fun life!

Surround yourself with those who look that fear in the eye everyday, those who have experienced the freedom in embracing their erotic selves in all their diverse and delicious glory! There is a place for you. You deserve to be whole.