This is THE Year: The Resolution Success Guarantee

Posted on Jan 4, 2013

How many times have you said it?

Have you already said it for this new year again? “I’m making this year THE year!”

You know what? I believe you. I believe in that sentiment. I believe that you have the capacity to create positive momentum toward your vision in the coming year. The reason I have unconditional belief in that capacity is because you have already regularly exercised it.

Every day with every choice you create your reality.

You did it all last year. You did it the year before. You did it yesterday. Every single choice, one by one, built the reality you are living.

It is worth saying again: Every day with every choice you create your reality.

Of course, there are some circumstances that come our way regardless of choice. It is in those moments we decide how to move through and beyond with grace and authenticity.  It is in those moments we choose who we are. How we choose to interpret our life creates the foundation from which we make our choices.

Acknowledging the fullness and balance of life without judgment allows us to make every experience useful, if we so choose. Even in responding to deep challenges or making uncomfortable choices, when we hold the vision of our fulfillment we can move forward into proactive change.

In times of renewed energy for change, like a new year, we have a tendency to focus on the plan and the doing. While that is indeed an important component to proactive change, the true guarantee of reaching your vision is simply the belief that you will. Your deepest, most authentic belief allows you to move through the challenging times and the failures without judgment, interpret those as learning opportunities, and continue toward your vision undaunted.

Every time you make a choice to move toward your vision and fail it is not the end, just merely another step. The key is to reinvigorate your belief and make the next choice in the direction of your vision. Your past failure is not an indicator of your inability to attain your vision. It is an opportunity for learning the most effective and useful ways for you to move forward. Always focus on the next choice. You always have the next choice to redirect your energy to your vision.

Solution creation and indomitable persistence are the actionable results of your belief. Let go of judgment. Banish guilt. Jettison negative self-talk. Embrace your belief. Be mindful. Make the next choice more useful and more effective as informed by what hasn’t worked. Solution creation and persistence are your guarantee you will reach your vision. You have one choice and that is the one right in front of you. Make the choice.