A Tightrope Walker Never Stops Moving

Posted on Nov 22, 2011

We all have those moments. You know, the fleeting moments where all seems right with you; a feeling of inner peace, if you will. Maybe it’s the completion of an important work or school project that inspires the feeling. Perhaps you and your little ones have had a fun and healthy day. With them resting clean and cozy in their beds, you can settle in with your new book and some hot chocolate. Aaahhh.

It isn’t just the feeling of accomplishment or comfort. It is so much more. For that brief period, it may seem as all the stars have aligned in your life: the bills are paid, the house is warm and you have met your needs and the needs of those who depend on you. This is what we strive for, right? Now it is just a matter of sustaining this feeling from this point on. Holding on to it now that we have it. Well…not exactly.

I am not saying your shouldn’t enjoy that moment. By all means, bask in it, relish it, really live it up. It is the reward for living your life in line with your priorities.

Where we deceive ourselves is when we believe that every moment must be one of perfect balance. Sometimes we have an off day; maybe you miss a work deadline, your children are pushing your buttons or the car doesn’t start. The reality is those days are part of a balanced life too. Those experiences are not a sign of failure.

If you are trying to achieve, create or arrive at balance, you may want to explore your expectations for a balanced life. Balance is not a stopping point or a pinnacle one reaches. Balance is not static, inanimate or constant. Balance ebbs and flows like the tide.

Have you ever noticed that a tightrope walker never stops moving? To attain balance, every move a tightrope walker makes is with focused intention. She is always making small corrections to her form and strategy. Keeping her eyes on her goal she moves through the near misses and lapses in balance with skills she has learned over time to keep herself on the rope.

Life balance is a set of strategies, tactics and skills. In coaching sessions, we explore these strategies, tactics and skills approaching them in a way that lets you readily integrate what rings true for you into your daily life. Making adjustments to your behavior and habits can be challenging at first. Just like the first few steps onto the rope. Can you imagine a tightrope walker making it across the first time? With practice, as the tightrope walker does, the skills for living your life in balance become second nature, almost instinct.

I am not saying life will be perfect, but learning to truly live your life in a balanced way, every moment, everyday, is how you keep moving forward on the rope. Living your life with focused intention in line with your priorities allows you to experience difficult decisions and challenging situations while still feeling that sought-after sense of inner peace.

Considering it further, one may see life balance as a lifestyle or state of being. Balance is not a destination, but the mindset you carry with you on the journey. That is how it should and will feel after you examine what makes you feel out of balance and address those behaviors with a new approach. Becoming comfortable and mindful of fulfillment in the ebb and flow of life allows us not only to cross the tightrope with ease, but enjoy the view as well.